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Hi lovelies,

Can we believe that it is already June? I am not sure if I’m ok with how fast this year is going! With the arrival of summer inevitably comes the chat about summer bodies, being “ready” for summer, weight loss, toning up and a barrage of negative self talk about anything from cellulite, to strong thighs, to too small boobs and whatever else we can think of to pick on.

I’m going to be honest here, I’ve definitely had to catch myself a few times these last few weeks and remind myself to be a little kinder to myself! I eat a healthy balanced diet, I exercise regularly but I definitely also enjoy a glass of wine and a burger and my body reflects this. My body is a normal body but I often struggle with comparing it to bodies I’ve lived in before and some of these bodies definitely did not come from a place of healthiness, love or kindness. My body isn’t the same this year as it was last year – experiencing burn out towards the end of 2022, a slightly underactive thyroid and falling into the teacher trap of prioritising everyone else’s health and wellness and forgetting to carve out time for my own. It was a tough lesson in how you cannot give from an empty cup and luckily I am well on my way to having more energy and feeling better in myself!

However, my body confidence is not at an all time high, but does this mean that I am going to spend the summer hiding away? Absolutely not! I’m pushing through the discomfort and using it a tool to grow!

This is where the idea for the “Four Weeks to Fabulous” Challenge came from. I wanted to share with you all the simple habits I use to help me feel my best. They are simple, free and we can all achieve them!


If you haven’t joined yet or are interested in seeing what these habits are, head over to my instagram 

Before I go, I want to share with you here a few tips to help you to feel your best in your body, to help you see yourself in your best light and to help you feel more confident this summer!

Get rid of the f**k it mentality!

Nothing is broken, nothing is ruined, you are not off any wagon, Don’t treat yourself like a bin! You do not have to finish your plate if you are full, you don’t have to eat 3 magnums because you’ve already had one and now think your nutrition plan is ruined, you don’t have to skip the rest of your workouts for the week because you missed one. Every single little thing you do to prioritise your wellness adds up. Every time you do something good for yourself, for your mind, for your body – it adds up. It’s like adding pennies to a jar, overtime they add up!

Invest in yourself!

Be that in taking the fitness class that you really like but that might be a bit expensive or buying the healthier, more nourishing option for your lunch rather than something cheaper but more processed. My number one tip for summer body confidence, invest in your swimwear!! It is so worth it! Spend some time getting to know your body, what suits you, what works for your shape but more importantly what do you feel great in! If you don’t love it in the shop then you definitely won’t love it on the beach!

Watch your Words!

The most important of them all – watch how you speak! How you speak to yourself, about yourself, the content you consume and the conversations that you have. Your body is the least interesting thing about you, weight loss is a boring thing to talk about and most of the content and perfect bodies that you see on the internet are curated to be like that! So let’s reframe negative talk, let’s show ourselves a little more love and a little more kindness.

If you woke up this morning and you are healthy and well then you are already lucky! Let’s not take it for granted or waste anymore of our beautiful lives worrying about our bodies in the summer!

An affirmation to send you on your way;

“I am radiating health and happiness!”


Have a wonderful week,


Sinead xx

If you would like to work with the support of a Coach this summer to help you to live and feel like the best version of yourself then don’t hesitate to contact me!