My Dance Story

Dance has been an integral part of my life since I was a young girl. Realising my dream to be a Bluebell Girl at Le Lido de Paris is one of my greatest achievements to date and I like to put the showgirl spirit into everything I do.

Being a showgirl is all about embracing and expressing female femininity – it is an adoration of the female form and an acceptance that no two women are the same.

Trained and employed in the professional dance industry for the last 20+ years I have developed and experienced a confidence and a sense of self empowerment that I love to share with other women.

I have been running Female Empowerment and Confidence Workshops through the medium of Showgirl and Burlesque Dance for the last 18 months and the results are astounding. What starts off as a group of timid or shy women soon transforms into a wonderful party with an appreciation of personal beauty and femininity.

These workshops are a wonderful addition to Team Building events or simply for a group of friends who want to have a few cocktails, learn a dance routine and let their hair down for the evening.

If you’re feeling like it’s something you could never do then that’s the exact reason why you should try it!

Where I’ve Danced

Showgirl - Benidorm Palace
Dancer - Regent Navigator USA and Canada
Freelance Artist - UK, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong
Dancer - Son Amar, Mallorca
2015 - 2021
Belle - Lido de Paris, Paris

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