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Now that we’re all out and about a bit more, enjoying seeing friends and family, catching up and celebrating. Inevitably that means eating and drinking a little bit more or even just differently than we have been used to over the last few months.

All that means that when Monday morning rolls around we can feel a little bloated, sluggish and just generally out of sorts! So what do we do now?


What we don’t do is start restricting ourselves, detoxing, fasting or cutting out food groups.

These three simple foolproof tips will have you feeling back to yourself in no time and ready to go again!!



When we are out and about we can often forget to sip on the H2O so grab yourself a refillable bottle and sip away! Aim for 2-3l adding lemon, mint, cucumber to it if you’re finding it hard to get down!


2. Protein and Fats at every meal!

These will help to keep you feeling full and keep your blood sugars balanced! Ie no need to reach for the snack drawer to beat the 3pm slump!


3. Go for a walk!

After an indulgent weekend the last thing you might want to do is a heavy sweaty workout – no problem grab your trainers and off you go! Aim for anything from 20 minutes to an hour! Listen to a podcast or call a friend and it will pass before you know it.

Follow these simple steps, get a good nights sleep and you’ll be bouncing around in no time!

What do you do to help you reset?xxx